Defensive Back Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1978 Topps Doug Plank 1978 Topps 226 Doug Plank Chicago Bears defensive back Ohio State
1978 Topps Ed Taylor 1978 Topps 227 Ed Taylor New York Jets defensive back Memphis Rookie card
1978 Topps Bobby Bryant 1978 Topps 233 Bobby Bryant Minnesota Vikings defensive back South Carolina
1978 Topps Tim Fox 1978 Topps 242 Tim Fox New England Patriots defensive back Ohio State
1978 Topps Eddie McMillan 1978 Topps 244 Eddie McMillan Buffalo Bills defensive back Florida State
1978 Topps Tony Greene 1978 Topps 251 Tony Greene Washington Redskins defensive back Maryland
1978 Topps Joe Lavender 1978 Topps 256 Joe Lavender Washington Redskins defensive back San Diego State
1978 Topps Chuck Crist 1978 Topps 266 Chuck Crist New Orleans Saints defensive back Penn State
1978 Topps Mike Wagner 1978 Topps 275 Mike Wagner Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Western Illinois
1978 Topps Oliver Davis 1978 Topps 288 Oliver Davis Cleveland Browns defensive back Tennessee State Rookie card
1978 Topps Nelson Munsey 1978 Topps 299 Nelson Munsey Baltimore Colts defensive back Wyoming
1978 Topps Clarence Duren 1978 Topps 306 Clarence Duren San Diego Chargers defensive back California Rookie card
1978 Topps Jake Scott 1978 Topps 317 Jake Scott Washington Redskins defensive back Georgia Dolphins Honor Roll 2010, College Hall of Fame 2011
1978 Topps Bob Howard 1978 Topps 321 Bob Howard New England Patriots defensive back Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, San Diego State
1978 Topps Ron Bolton 1978 Topps 329 Ron Bolton Cleveland Browns defensive back Norfolk State
1978 Topps Tommy Casanova 1978 Topps 330 Tommy Casanova Cincinnati Bengals defensive back LSU College Hall of Fame 1995
1978 Topps Interception Leaders 1978 Topps 335 Interception Leaders
Lyle Blackwood Baltimore Colts defensive back TCU
Rolland Lawrence Atlanta Falcons defensive back Tabor
1978 Topps Bill Thompson 1978 Topps 340 Bill Thompson Denver Broncos defensive back Maryland Eastern Shore Broncos Ring of Fame 1987
1978 Topps Curtis Johnson 1978 Topps 342 Curtis Johnson Miami Dolphins defensive back Toledo
1978 Topps Bruce Taylor 1978 Topps 348 Bruce Taylor San Francisco 49ers defensive back Boston University College Hall of Fame 1997
1978 Topps Larry Marshall 1978 Topps 358 Larry Marshall Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Maryland
1978 Topps Bernard Jackson 1978 Topps 363 Bernard Jackson Denver Broncos defensive back Washington State
1978 Topps Thom Darden 1978 Topps 373 Thom Darden Cleveland Browns defensive back Michigan Darden led the NFL with 10 interceptions and 200 interception return yards in 1978.
1978 Topps Paul Krause 1978 Topps 378 Paul Krause Minnesota Vikings defensive back Iowa Pro Football Hall of Fame 1998, Vikings Ring of Honor 1998
1978 Topps Mike Haynes 1978 Topps 380 Mike Haynes New England Patriots defensive back Arizona State Patriots Hall of Fame 1994, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1997, College Hall of Fame 2001