Defensive Back Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1964 Topps Ron Hall 1964 Topps 12 Ron Hall Boston Patriots defensive back Missouri Valley Rookie card PSA 9, nm
1964 Topps Ross O 1964 Topps 16 Ross O'Hanley Boston Patriots defensive back Boston College Short print
1964 Topps Don Webb 1964 Topps 20 Don Webb Boston Patriots defensive back Iowa State Rookie card

Webb played 11 seasons in the AFL and NFL, all with the Patriots.
1964 Topps Ray Abruzzese 1964 Topps 22 Ray Abruzzese Buffalo Bills defensive back Alabama Error card

The player pictured on this card is Ed Rutkowski, not Ray Abruzzese. See my Mistaken Identities page for other football cards that picture the wrong player.
1964 Topps Booker Edgerson 1964 Topps 28 Booker Edgerson Buffalo Bills defensive back Western Illinois Bills Wall of Fame 2010 Short print
1964 Topps Ed Rutkowski 1964 Topps 35 Ed Rutkowski Buffalo Bills defensive back Notre Dame Rookie card PSA 8
1964 Topps George Saimes 1964 Topps 36 George Saimes Buffalo Bills defensive back Michigan State Bills Wall of Fame 2000 Rookie card
1964 Topps Gene Sykes 1964 Topps 40 Gene Sykes Buffalo Bills defensive back LSU Rookie card nm
1964 Topps Goose Gonsoulin 1964 Topps 47 Goose Gonsoulin Denver Broncos defensive back Baylor Broncos Ring of Fame 1984 Short print
1964 Topps Tom Janik 1964 Topps 49 Tom Janik Denver Broncos punter, defensive back Texas A and M - Kingsville, Texas A and M Rookie card PSA 9
1964 Topps John Sklopan 1964 Topps 60 John Sklopan Denver Broncos defensive back Southern Mississippi Rookie card
1964 Topps Tony Banfield 1964 Topps 67 Tony Banfield Houston Oilers defensive back Oklahoma State Short print PSA 7, PSA 5
1964 Topps Freddy Glick 1964 Topps 74 Freddy Glick Houston Oilers defensive back Colorado State Rookie card, short print

Glick led the AFL with 12 interceptions in 1963.
PSA 8, GAI 8.5, nm
1964 Topps Bobby Jancik 1964 Topps 77 Bobby Jancik Houston Oilers defensive back Lamar Tech Rookie card, short print PSA 8, nm+, PSA 7.5
1964 Topps Dave Grayson 1964 Topps 97 Dave Grayson Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Oregon Rookie card PSA 8 oc, nm
1964 Topps Bobby Hunt 1964 Topps 101 Bobby Hunt Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Auburn Rookie card PSA 8, nm
1964 Topps Johnny Robinson 1964 Topps 105 Johnny Robinson Kansas City Chiefs defensive back LSU Chiefs Hall of Fame 1974 Short print
1964 Topps Duane Wood 1964 Topps 109 Duane Wood Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Oklahoma State Rookie card, short print
1964 Topps Dainard Paulson 1964 Topps 122 Dainard Paulson New York Jets defensive back Oregon State Short print exmt
1964 Topps Clyde Washington 1964 Topps 129 Clyde Washington New York Jets defensive back, punter Purdue Rookie card nm
1964 Topps Claude Gibson 1964 Topps 138 Claude Gibson Oakland Raiders defensive back North Carolina State Rookie card

Gibson led the AFL in punt return yards in 1963 and 1964.
1964 Topps Joe Krakoski 1964 Topps 143 Joe Krakoski Oakland Raiders defensive back Illinois Rookie card

Krakoski's son, also named Joe, was a linebacker for the Redskins in 1986.
PSA 9, nm
1964 Topps Fred Williamson 1964 Topps 152 Fred Williamson Oakland Raiders defensive back Northwestern Short print
1964 Topps Oakland Raiders Team 1964 Topps 153 Oakland Raiders Team Oakland Raiders This card pictures the 1963 Raiders team. Al Davis was the head coach; he is on the far left end of the back row.
1964 Topps George Blair 1964 Topps 156 George Blair San Diego Chargers defensive back, kicker Mississippi Rookie card

Blair led the AFL in field goal percentage in 1962 and 1963. In 1962 he made 17 of 20 attempts, for 85%.
PSA 8, nm