College Hall Of Fame Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1964 Philadelphia Merlin Olsen 1964 Philadelphia 91 Merlin Olsen Los Angeles Rams tackle Utah State Outland Trophy 1961, College Hall of Fame 1980, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1982 Rookie card
1964 Philadelphia Jack Pardee 1964 Philadelphia 92 Jack Pardee Los Angeles Rams linebacker Texas A and M College Hall of Fame 1986 Rookie card
1964 Philadelphia Fran Tarkenton 1964 Philadelphia 109 Fran Tarkenton Minnesota Vikings quarterback Georgia Pro Football Hall of Fame 1986, College Hall of Fame 1987, Vikings Ring of Honor 1998
1964 Philadelphia Vikings Play of the Year 1964 Philadelphia 112 Vikings Play of the Year PSA 9, SGC 92, SGC 88, PSA 8, nm-mt
Norm Van Brocklin Minnesota Vikings quarterback, coach Oregon College Hall of Fame 1966, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971, Eagles Honor Roll 1987
1964 Philadelphia Frank Gifford 1964 Philadelphia 117 Frank Gifford New York Giants halfback USC, Bakersfield College College Hall of Fame 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1977
1964 Philadelphia Maxie Baughan 1964 Philadelphia 128 Maxie Baughan Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Georgia Tech College Hall of Fame 1988, Eagles Honor Roll 2015 nm-mt
1964 Philadelphia Lou Michaels 1964 Philadelphia 147 Lou Michaels Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Kentucky College Hall of Fame 1992 PSA 8, SGC 92, SGC 88, nm
1964 Philadelphia Clendon Thomas 1964 Philadelphia 152 Clendon Thomas Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 2011, Steelers Legends Team
1964 Philadelphia Matt Hazeltine 1964 Philadelphia 160 Matt Hazeltine San Francisco 49ers linebacker California College Hall of Fame 1989
1964 Philadelphia Don Bosseler 1964 Philadelphia 184 Don Bosseler Washington Redskins fullback Miami Florida College Hall of Fame 1990 SGC 92, nm oc
1964 Philadelphia Sam Huff 1964 Philadelphia 185 Sam Huff Washington Redskins linebacker West Virginia Redskins Ring of Fame, College Hall of Fame 1980, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1982, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 PSA 9, ex+
1964 Topps Ron Burton 1964 Topps 4 Ron Burton Boston Patriots halfback Northwestern College Hall of Fame 1990 Short print
1964 Topps Babe Parilli 1964 Topps 17 Babe Parilli Boston Patriots quarterback Kentucky College Hall of Fame 1982, Patriots Hall of Fame 1993 Short print
1964 Topps Billy Joe 1964 Topps 50 Billy Joe Denver Broncos fullback, coach Villanova College Hall of Fame 2007 Rookie card

UPI and The Sporting News named Joe the 1963 AFL Rookie of the Year.
1964 Topps Bud McFadin 1964 Topps 53 Bud McFadin Denver Broncos defensive tackle Texas College Hall of Fame 1983 Short print
1964 Topps Billy Cannon 1964 Topps 69 Billy Cannon Houston Oilers halfback LSU Heisman Trophy 1959, College Hall of Fame 2008
1964 Topps Don Trull 1964 Topps 87 Don Trull Houston Oilers quarterback Baylor College Hall of Fame 2013 Rookie card
1964 Topps Bobby Bell 1964 Topps 90 Bobby Bell Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, defensive end Minnesota Outland Trophy 1962, Chiefs Hall of Fame 1980, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, College Hall of Fame 1991 Rookie card
1964 Topps Buck Buchanan 1964 Topps 92 Buck Buchanan Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Grambling Chiefs Hall of Fame 1981, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990, College Hall of Fame 1996 Rookie card PSA 5, vg-ex
1964 Topps Chris Burford 1964 Topps 94 Chris Burford Kansas City Chiefs end Stanford Chiefs Hall of Fame 1975, College Hall of Fame 1995 Short print PSA 7
1964 Topps E.J. Holub 1964 Topps 100 E.J. Holub Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, center Texas Tech Chiefs Hall of Fame 1976, College Hall of Fame 1986 exmt
1964 Topps Oakland Raiders Team 1964 Topps 153 Oakland Raiders Team Oakland Raiders This card pictures the 1963 Raiders team. Al Davis was the head coach; he is on the far left end of the back row.
1964 Topps Lance Alworth 1964 Topps 155 Lance Alworth San Diego Chargers end Arkansas Chargers Hall of Fame 1977, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1978, College Hall of Fame 1984 Alworth led the AFL with 13 touchdown catches in 1964.
1964 Topps John Hadl 1964 Topps 159 John Hadl San Diego Chargers quarterback Kansas Chargers Hall of Fame 1983, College Hall of Fame 1994 Rookie card PSA 8, PSA 7
1964 Topps CFL Joe Kapp 1964 Topps CFL 3 Joe Kapp BC Lions quarterback California Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1984, College Hall of Fame 2004